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Start Losing Weight Today

Monarch Medical Weight Loss Center recognizes that being overweight or obese is a chronic medical condition. Our Centers in Eugene, Roseburg, Portland, and Albany provide medically supervised weight management programs for patients in a safe, caring and supportive environment.

Our goal is your well-being and permanent weight loss success.

The physicians and clinicians at Monarch know that there are a lot of weight loss programs, gym memberships, and food-oriented gimmicks out there. We recognize that permanent weight loss requires a multi-faceted approach that includes attention to individual medical issues and conditions.

Our Programs

Our Programs help you reduce weight through a combination of nutrition counseling, medication therapy, behavior modification, fun motivational tools, education and exercise. Our professional staff address the needs of the patient on an individual case-by-case basis.

Your individualized program begins on your first visit.

We begin with a technologically sophisticated weigh-in and full body composition analysis, which accurately calculates metabolic activity, body fat and other vital measurements. This information helps to form the basis of your customized weight loss plan and daily caloric and nutritional intake requirements.

Education is Key

Our programs integrate nutrition and medical counseling with education on the role of genes, physiology and environmental influences on your weight.

You will receive a personal portfolio and weekly Monarch patient guides that will help educate and motivate you toward your target weight.

You will learn why your body stores fat and how you will permanently maintain a healthy weight.

Monarch Principles of Weight Loss

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