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When Should You Weigh Yourself?

If you are like many people trying to lose weight, the scale can bring you joy when you lose weight and can be something you want to throw out when you get frustrated.


However, a scale can be a great tool while you work on your weight loss. One of the keys to using it is knowing how and when to weigh yourself.


One of the important things to keep in mind is not how often you get on the scale, but how consistent you are in how you do it.


You should try to weigh yourself first thing in the morning on the same day each week while staying clothed the same way as well. The middle Wednesday and end of the week Fridays are good days to weigh yourself.


“Overnight weight gain”

A weekly check is a better choice than daily weighing because there are many reasons why your weight can fluctuate from one day to the next.


Eating high sodium foods, drinking alcohol, PMS, and car/plane travel can all cause water retention, causing your weight to fluctuate.


The scale doesn’t tell the whole tale.

An important thing to remember is that the numbers on the scale aren’t the true measure of your success.


While on your health journey, the scale is just one factor. The changing ways your clothes fit, your food choices changing the way you feel, your energy levels, and your body composition are all parts of your weight loss journey.


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