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Payment and Insurance Billing Options

All of us at Monarch Medical are sensitive to the ever-spiraling cost of your healthcare. We congratulate you for recognizing, as we do, that weight management is a central and important medical issue.

Many of our patients have had their program covered by a health insurance plan. If your weight puts you at a high risk for certain health conditions, it is likely that your insurance will cover our programs.

Monarch is pleased to announce that we bill Commercial Insurance and are directly contracted with the following insurers:


We also offer affordable, straightforward pricing for our self-pay patients, resulting in a significant discount for complete payment at the time of service. 

Medical Spending Accounts

Employees with medical spending accounts (MSA), set up through their employers, are able to request reimbursement for medical services from their tax-advantaged medical spending accounts. MSAs are an easy and effective way to meaningfully reduce your healthcare costs — allowing you to receive Monarch’s low cost services using pre-tax dollars instead of after-tax dollars (resulting in up to a 45% discount). Benny and other health spending account cards are accepted at all Monarch clinics.


Monarch partners with CareCredit, a subsidiary of GE Finance, to provide up to 12 months of no-interest financing options. Applications and information are available by phone at (800) 365-8295, online at or at any Monarch clinic.

Other Ways to Afford Our Program

One of the biggest obstacles to engaging in a weight loss program, and taking that first step toward freedom, is money. Often someone will feel like they cannot afford it.

We are definitely living in a time where we have to watch our money or it will leave! Monarch offers low cash pricing to help patients who do not have insurance or whose insurance we are not able to bill.

Abundance thinking and focus will get you to most any goal in life. Make your health and happiness a goal! Look for ways you can slim down or cut out other spending. The little things will add up.

For instance, a $3.50 coffee each morning adds up to $105 per month. Can you make your own at home? What about TV? Do you really need all those channels?

Remember, you are in charge.

You get to make your own choices. You will be surprised what can happen when you simply make up your mind to do something!