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At Monarch Medical, we pride ourselves in having a dedicated and caring team that wants to see you succeed. Get to know some of our staff members below. Interested in a career at Monarch? Click here.

Medical Directors

Eric A. Spencer, MD

Dr. Eric Spencer is the Chief Medical Advisor for Monarch Medical Weight Loss Center and is one of the program's founders. Before starting Monarch, he was a constant dieter and had tried a vast majority of weight loss programs. His 40-pound weight loss success serves as a motivator for many patients. Dr. Spencer is a Board Certified Emergency Physician at McKenzie-Willamette Medical Center.


Richard J. Lindquist, MD

Dr. Rick Lindquist is a founding member of Monarch Medical Weight Loss Center. He is currently the clinical medical director for Swedish Weight Loss Services at Swedish Medical Center in Seattle, WA. Dr. Lindquist has practiced medicine for more than 20 years. He is a member of the American Society of Bariatric Physicians, the American Academy of Family Physicians, and the National Association of EMS Physicians.



Debbie Hembree

Debbie Hembree, Patient Care Center Coordinator

Debbie is our Patient Care Center Coordinator. Debbie began as a patient soon after Monarch opened in 2006. Debbie has lost over 100 lbs on the program and her genuine passion for what we do brought her to work for Monarch. Debbie is dedicated to getting patients an appointment as soon as possible. She loves to describe the program to new patients and welcome lapsed patients back. When Debbie is not at work, she enjoys traveling with her husband. “It’s much easier after losing so much weight!” Plans are in Debbie’s future to visit Europe and Asia.

Stacey Stevens

Stacey Stevens, Billing & Contract Administrator

Stacey is our insurance billing and coding specialist. Stacey is encouraged by health reforms that have allowed patients to use their insurance to lose weight and get healthy. She enjoys assisting patients in finding out their benefits. She enjoys problem solving and creating order and structure to make things more efficient. Stacey loves spending time with her husband out in nature, camping and biking. Stacey is a runner and has participated in several marathons.

Jodi Vahala

Jodi Vahala, Billing Administrative Assistant

Jodi Vahala is our Billing Administrative Assistant. Jodi loves the Monarch program and the key principles that bring patients success. She is currently on the Monarch plan and enjoys planning her meals to include Monarch mini meals throughout the day. Jodi has products from our nutrition store readily available in her desk drawer and is quick to offer fellow staff members an alternative choice when they are tempted to go off their plan. Jodi loves working with patients and is happy about the opportunity she has to help them understand their insurance benefits and provide easy payment arrangements.


Medical Providers

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