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10 Steps to Enthusiastic Weight Control

  1. Visualize Thin The way you feel is controlled by the way you think. Imagine what thin looks like in your body and make small, incremental changes to achieve it.
  2. Nothing is Impossible Take the “T”out of the word can’t. Apply actionable steps and learn needed skills. Don’t panic, but think in terms of the possible. Become a specialist in doing what you may have thought was impossible.
  3. You Are In Charge No one is in charge of your happiness, except you. Change the things you can change and stop worrying about the things you can’t.
  4. Keep Enthusiasm Going and Going Renew positive attitudes daily. Partake of daily inspiration as nourishment for the soul. Sharpen your positive attitude by accepting obstacles as new and exciting challenges.
  5. Convert the “I Wish” to “I Did” Obstacles have solutions if you spend the time to work through the issues. Break down problems and use step-by-step solutions to achieve results.
  6. The Magic of Believing Believe that goals are possible before embarking. Review your reasons for wanting to be thin and healthy. Mistakes are positive; you learn from them
  7. Tired? Astonish Yourself Take one day at a time. Relax or meditate to release your limitless inner energy. Positive thinking refreshes your energy.
  8. Extend the Fullness of Life Don’t be afraid to enjoy pleasure (other than food). There is an amazing world full of interests and activities. Eliminate boredom by taking action and trying some of the boundless opportunities for joyful experiences.
  9. Recognize the Advantage of Hitting Bottom There is only one way to go when you’ve hit bottom, and that’s up! Always think UP! Think victory, not defeat. Nothing can keep you down if you have faith in yourself.
  10. You Can Deal with Any Problem Contemplate success rather than failure. Cool it, relax! Develop the ‘I-will-stick-with-it’ attitude. Don’t say “I’ll try”, but say “I’ll DO IT!”

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