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New Beginnings

The Program
New Beginnings is a medically supervised weight loss program individualized for each patient.

Designed by a team of seven physicians, New Beginnings offers nutritionally balanced menu plans that combine a wide variety of protein-fortified prescription foods with healthy grocery foods. New Beginnings provides a safe, effective and progressive way to lose weight and keep it off.

New Beginnings recognizes the importance of eating small amounts of excellent nutrition throughout the day. The program teaches patients to eat more regularly and emphasizes the importance of high-protein and lower-fat foods, which helps patients reach a more efficient “fat-burning” state.

The program begins on your first visit with a computerized weigh-in, which accurately calculates your body composition and your daily caloric needs. This information is digitally transmitted into your medical record and forms the basis of your customized weight loss plan. Our medical staff meets with you to review your medical history, lab work and eating habits, as well as to conduct a physical exam. Together with the practitioner, you will establish personal weight loss goals.

Weekly weigh-ins will chart your progress toward your goal, and you’ll receive weekly Patient Guides to add to your personal weight loss portfolio. Patients advance through the program as they achieve their personal weight loss goals.

Who should use the program
New Beginnings is suitable for all patients. It is particularly appropriate for patients seeking a medically guided approach to nutrition and weight loss.

New Beginnings is designed for patients who may have tried other diet programs and either did not achieve or maintain their weight loss goals, but who are ready to commit to an aggressive weight loss program.

Why it works
New Beginnings is a state-of-the-art weight loss program designed and supervised by medical professionals. Under physician guidance, the program is tailored for each patient. It maximizes the optimal nutritional consumption throughout the day, which activates your body’s own fat-burning mechanism.

At Monarch Medical Weight Loss Center, we recognize that permanent weight loss requires a multi-faceted approach. Our programs reduce weight through a combination of medical supervision, nutrition counseling, medication therapy, behavior modification, education and modest exercise.

Our promise
Our caring and professional staff is available to offer support and guidance throughout your weight loss process.

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