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No Matter What Your Needs, Monarch Has a Program for You

JumpStart is our most popular and successful weight loss program utilizing protein-fortified prescription foods along with grocery food. Patients typically experience rapid weight loss while learning to eat small, frequent meals.

New Beginnings

The New Beginnings program emphasizes the use of healthy grocery foods, along with protein-fortified prescription foods. This is a progressive program designed to educate patients about excellent nutrition and how to eat appropriately for weight loss now and weight maintenance in the future.

Monarch Maintenance

In maintenance, patients who have met their weight loss goals learn their resting metabolic rate and receive a customized nutrition prescription for weight maintenance. The program emphasizes continued education on nutrition behavior modification and exercise. The maintenance program uses advanced weight loss tools and continuing education to support you and prevent relapse.

Bariatric Surgery Support

Obesity is a chronic health condition that demands continuous treatment. If you are scheduled for bariatric surgery and need to lose weight before the procedure or if you are thinking about surgery, Monarch can help you.

Weight Loss Tools

Our programs can also include one of several weight-loss tools that help you along your path to losing weight and establishing long-term health habits.

What are you waiting for? Start losing today.

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