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Diabetes Management

Diabetes Management

Monarch Medical Weight Loss Center is a non-surgical, medically-supervised weight loss program that provides weight and diet management options for people with diabetes.

Monarch helps diabetes patients:Diabetes graphic
dot Reduce calorie intake
dot Reduce carbohydrate intake
dot Balance carbohydrates and protein
dot Learn to eat frequent small meals
dot Watch portion sizes
dot Make good choices
dot Take supplements
dot Monitor patient weight frequently
dot Be accountable

Diabetes strikeMonarch provides:
dotA review of patient’s detailed medical history with
     a screening exam, appropriate labs and body
dotA diet prescription — meal replacements/grocery foods
dotWeekly weigh-in visits
dotMonthly practitioner visits
dotFocused counseling
dotProgram materials

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For more information on Monarch, call 1-866-731-LOSE (5673).
Learn more about diabetes at www.diabetes.org.

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